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May 26, 2019

When you’re using the micro:bit to code, there can be a lot of words and terms that you might not have heard before. This blog is here to help you! If you have any more words that you don’t quite get and would like to see on here, just leave me a comment below!

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When you download something, it moves from being somewhere online to being loaded onto your laptop or computer.

This is pretty much the opposite of downloading, so the data goes from being on your computer to being somewhere else, like the internet or your micro:bit!

This is the area on MakeCode where you build and edit your code. You can switch between blocks and JavaScript. 

These are all the options for types of code that you can add to your program space. They are colour-coded based on what type of code block they are. For example, ‘Basic’ code blocks are blue, and ‘Input’ code blocks are pink.

When you are creating code for different micro:bit attachments (like the LAMP:bit), you will need to download extensions for it. You can find them by clicking the settings icon and selecting ‘extensions’, then search for the one you need. They will then appear with the rest of the code blocks. 

The LAMP:bit attachment has a phototransistor on the very top. It can detect when it is light or dark.

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Hi my name is Esme, I will be 9 in November and when I grow up I want to be an Inventor! I like to play with electronics and my favourite device is the micro:bit. I program mine with a computer, but you can use a phone, Ipad or Chromebook.

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