Lake Taupo nearly at full capacity

November 30, 2016

With heavy rain battering the Taupo region recently, Lake Taupo is nearing 100 percent capacity.

With more wet weather forecast, preventing the lake from filling up even more may be difficult.

Measuring levels show the lake has less than 25 centimetres left before it reaches capacity.

If it continues at its current rate, service holes, stormwater drains and sewerage pipes could all take a hammering.

Waikato Regional Council’s Adam Munro says the situation is worrying, but he says they are working to find a solution.

One of the biggest impacts of Lake Taupo filling up so quickly is the erosion happening along the shoreline.

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Oh no, I hope the lake doesn't over flow!


Oh no, I hope they find a solution!


That is not cool cause Lake Taupo is like heaven on earth and that is a big disaster heading to Lake Taupo


Wow that is worrying! My friends and some of my family live in the coastal region of Taupo!


thats not good i live in Taupo and it has been r5aining alot like should come over here.


Oh no! Thats bad.