Kindergarten teachers sent to tree climbing course

May 9, 2018

More than 100 Auckland kindergarten teachers have taken a tree-climbing workshop in order to be allowed to supervise kids tree climbing.

The course began in 2016 after several pre-schoolers were injured by trees.

Since then 120 early childhood education teachers have been put through the Auckland Kindergarten Association’s (AKA) class.

AKA Roskill South Kindergarten head teacher Karen Ramsay said the workshop helped create a “really rich and meaningful experience”.

“We have a PowerPoint with lots of pictures on it, but also we go out into a reserve and look at trees as well,” she said.

“They’re doing a site assessment of the tree and just thinking about the condition of the tree.”

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i broke my neck from swinging upside down


It is not easy to be a kindergarten teacher.


i like climbing trees


i like to climb trees


I love tree climbing


yay who likes trees

Some one who doesn't want to spessify

That's pretty cool


what do you call a tree of kids its called a tree of talkers


Never thought THIS would be an auctal thing.
But in the end it does make sense and it does have a point.


Woooooooooohoooooooo lets get more kids climing trees!!


I think that's a good idea