We should keep our current flag

April 25, 2016

In my opinion, we should keep the current flag because I have grown up with it and to me it feels like the New Zealand flag.

The Union Jack does not mean that we are owned by England, it means we are friends with England. For instance, instead of using lots and lots of money on the new flag, we could use that money on: helping Christchurch to build new buildings, helping the poor and building new schools for better education.

I know we get a little bit mixed up with the Australian flag and the England flag but our flag is still very different. For example, the Union Jack stands for our connection with England, the blue background stands for the ocean around New Zealand, and the stars represent the Southern Cross.

It’s like having a pet for a long time then giving it away. It is the same situation with the flag; we have had the flag for a long time and now some of us want to throw it away.

The flag means a lot to us, especially to the older generation. So why should we change the flag when it means so much to us?

Alicia Montenegro from Auckland

10 years old


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I also agree keep the flag. The All Blacks won three Rugby World Cups under that flag and it is something to be proud of.


no.100% nooo


100% Yes


100% it is good


I rate NZ flag 8/8 cause it's the best all around!


I wish we could have changed the flag πŸ™


I think we should keep the flag


i agree, also the new zealand flag was made AFTER the nz flag too, so if anyone wants to change it because it looks the same, it should be austrailia, and also alot of people have died (such as many of the ANZAC) for new zealand, at the time of the flag being what it is today, and i especially agree with the part about us not being OWNED by england, but we are friends with them