Kauri Killing disease moves south

March 26, 2014

A disease which has killed thousands of kauri trees in the past 10 years has spread to the Coromandel.

The dieback disease, which kills nearly all infected kauri, is now infected trees in Northland, the Waitakere Ranges, Great Barrier Island and now the Coromandel.

The disease is caused by a microscopic, fungus-like organism which infects the roots and damages the tissues which carry water within the tree.

The new outbreak in the  Coromandel Peninsula is a major blow to conservation efforts.

Conservation Minister, Dr Smith said the research programme to save kauri was going to be looked at in June. this news will mean it will be brought forward.

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Wow, A disease to kill Kauri trees...? I'm gutted.


awesome your on fire


Wow bad disease