Japan to open Spa-musement park

February 16, 2017

Japan looks set to open a spa-themed amusement park where visitors can soak in hot pools while riding on roller-coasters.

The mayor of Beppu City, known for its hot springs, said that the “Spamusement” park would be built if a promotional video reached one million views on YouTube.

The video has been watched more than two million times. Check it out below.

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That's awesome


This is really cool I would like to go on a roller coaster with spa's


I dont know its a bit werid.


WOW That is so cool! They should make one of those in NZ:)


THAT IS SOOO AWESOME now i know where to go for a luxury holiday wish it was in nz.
One day me and mum with my sister


looks pretty sick


New Zealand should have one of these!