Ivory trade ban in China

April 5, 2017

China has announced it will ban all trade in ivory by the end of 2017.

This decision marks a huge step in the fight against poaching and significant for the future of elephants.

Already, almost half of China’s authorised ivory factories and shops have shut down. The rest of China’s legal trade will be gone by the end of the year – a total of 34 factories and 138 shops.

A team of experts from the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) will be on hand to make sure it happens.

Why is China doing this?
China is currently the biggest buyer and seller of ivory in the world.
The decision came as part of a big convention called Cites, which took place in 2016 in South Africa.

Poachers hunt animals such as rhino, elephants and tigers to sell their body parts.
Rhino horn and ivory, which is found in elephant tusks, can be illegally sold for huge amounts of money. Horns are worth more by the gram than diamonds and gold.

If poaching continues at its current rate, creatures like elephants and rhino may be gone in our lifetime.

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Yay I am so pleased with this because I love elephants and it is so sad to hear about them dieing so much


This is awesome!


it is not nice to kill our animals and make pretty thing to sell


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this news is great