Is Taylor Swift in NZ?

November 24, 2015

Only 4 days until Taylor Swift’s tour in Australia is due to begin, there have been rumours that the pop star is in NZ!

Sightings of the singer were reported all over Auckland all Monday and sparked a hunt for Taylor all over South Auckland. But is she really here?

According to The Edge radio station, Taylor spent the weekend in Queenstown before arriving in Auckland on Monday morning. A wild goose chase was sparked when a tip off from one of the customs staff at Auckland Airport announced that they had spotted the star when she left her private jet.

Rehearsals for Taylor’s new music video took place over the weekend but a body double was used in place of the singer. Taylor was also missing at the American Music Awards on Sunday, fuelling the rumours that she had jetted away to NZ for a break before her tour begins in Australia.

However, the comedian who reported seeing Taylor at the airport on Monday morning says she tweeted the sighting to spark rumour and excitement but that the singer is not in the country.

It is yet to be confirmed if Taylor is actually in NZ (perhaps visiting bff Lorde?) but several sightings of the pop star were reported throughout the day from all over Auckland.

Come on Taylor, where are you?!



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Ok, But why is she in NZ for? I live in Nz to


I love you TAYLOR SWIFT come meet me in NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish. But let's be rational, why would world famous popstar Taylor Swift be in NZ for a holiday? Why not Hawaii? Or Fiji?


taylor your songs are so nice and i get really relaxed listning to you beutiful songs.


im a big fan taylor swift and i live in nz