India fails with moon landing

September 11, 2019

India has failed in its attempt to land a craft on the moon.

The country had sent a craft named Chandrayaan-2 entered the moon’s orbit on 20th August.

The plan was to put a lander on the moon. The lander carried a 27kg Moon rover with instruments to analyse the lunar soil.

India would have been the fourth nation to make a soft landing on the Moon.

The country’s first Moon mission – Chandrayaan-1, in 2008. It didn’t land on the moon but carried out a detailed search for water on the lunar surface using radars.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told his country’s space scientists he was proud of a programme.

Contact with Chandrayaan-2 was lost moments before its Vikram module was due to touch down at the lunar south pole.

The fate of the craft is not yet known.

The lander (named Vikram, after the founder of Isro) carried within its belly a 27kg Moon rover with instruments to analyse the lunar soil.

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