Hundreds die in Colombia landslide

April 3, 2017

A landslide near Mocoa in Colombia has killed hundreds of people and and injured many more.

Heavy rains caused several rivers to overflow in the district, which has a population of 345,000 people. The result was a landslide that sent mud and debris crashing into homes.

At least 254 people have died and there were at least 400 injured. At this stage over 200 people are still missing.

Photos posted online by the air force have shown streets filled with mud and damaged houses.

More than 1100 soldiers and police officers are involved in the rescue effort.

President Juan Manuel Santos flew to the region and declared a state of emergency.

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That sounds very horrible to live other there at the moment I wonder how many houses have been destroyed. Hopefully not many. And that the people who got hurt and inquired make a full recovery.


i cant belive it


That is sad i hope they didn't die in pain:(:(


OHH. I feel bad.


so sad for the people and kids and baby,s in colobla


this is so sad


this sad for the people that live in clombia


That's really sad.
I hope everyone is ok. I would be very worried in that happened in NZ


i cant believe it


that sad


That is sad pour people😦


That is very sad I hope everyone is ok!