Hot summer on the way

November 30, 2017

This summer is going to be long and hot, according to NIWA.

NIWA is New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, and it has released its latest three-month forecast.

I the forecast it predicts all of New Zealand can expect warmer than average temperatures this summer.

The upper North Island, particularly the Bay of Plenty, Auckland and Northland regions will experience more rainfall than usual.

Normal summer rainfall is expected in Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Taranaki, Westport, Nelson, Blenheim, Canterbury and coastal Otago.

But the west of the South Island, including Milford Sound, Greymouth, Queenstown and Southland, will have below average rainfall over the summer.

NIWA has said that water temperatures around NZ are now above or well above average, and said this was expected to continue over summer.

The high temperatures mean there is also an above normal risk for at least one ex-tropical cyclone to come within 500km of New Zealand.

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I knew this weather is not normal!


It sure is hot


It will be really hot


i think everyone could tell this summer is not normal


oh no this is going to be hot this summer


is is going to be hot


Way to hot for me. I'd melt into dry skin. Blayde


hi summer is the best


Nooooo it is the end of the world


bring on the summer!


We had no Summer last year where I lived.