Hillview helps homeless in Christchurch

November 13, 2017

On the 8th of November 2017 seven students and myself from Hillview Christian School got the privilege to go and deliver care packages to the homeless on the streets of Christchurch City. All the year seven and eights decided to help the homeless as our community outreach project, we had all seen them on the streets and wanted to help and bless them.

To start, all the year seven and eights started bringing items from home, toothbrushes, soap, gloves, hats etc; and shoe boxes to package the gifts in. Then on community outreach day five year olds to fifteen year olds helped put together the care packages, this included writing cards, drawing pictures, and coping bible verses to encourage them.

After a couple of weeks eight students (all year seven and eight) and three teachers piled into the van with 30 or so packages ready to go and give. We had no idea what to expect and how they would react, we were just driving, eyes open for people in need. The first man we spotted was probably the best reaction we had all day, one student ran out said, ‘God bless,’ and handed him the bag of gifts. He said thankyou and asked to pray for us, we of course said yes. Once he was done we jumped back in the van and we were off, ready to bless others like him.

We found many others like the first man, very thankful and happy. We would drive around the city and if we saw a homeless person, pull over and run after them and give them the package. It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget, seeing their reactions, fist pumps, smiles, and thankyous was truly special. We got the opportunity to bless people in our community who are less off and make their day better.

Emma Alcock (Year 8)

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This is great to hear people are helping the homeless


good job guys! Thank you for helping your community. I think every school should do that with there school!


This is a really good way to make a difference in a community which is suffering. My school is also having a term based o ovine service


This is a great example of students taking the initiative to make a difference and help others in the community. My school is currently having the whole term based on loving service. We have done many things to help others in our community and I think this is a great idea!
Well Done Hillveiw!

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