Gumdrop Bins

December 1, 2015

Although gum is a tasty treat, it often ends up as a sticky, messy waste stuck to the ground and sometimes even the bottom of someone’s shoe!

The primary ingredient in chewing gum is synthetic rubber which is not biodegradable and is harmful to the environment. An estimated 560,000 tonnes of gum is chewed each year and ends up stuck to concrete and in overwhelmed landfills.

Thanks to Gumdrop Ltd. there may now be a solution. The UK company has created a brilliant way to dispose of chewed gum in specialized recycling bins.

Bright pink gumdrop-like bins have been installed across London for chewers to dump their unwanted gum into.

Once the bins are full of used gum, they are mailed to Gumdrop headquarters where the gum is recycled to create more bins!

The used gum can also be transformed into other things such as rubber boots and phone cases.

Sounds a little gross but what a smart way to prevent waste and protect the enviroment!


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Cool and smart and gross


That's amazing and gross at the same time.

(But is mostly Gross)

Also it's achally a great idea!



Very gross