Google reveals New Zealand’s favourite searches

December 16, 2016

Google has revealed New Zealand’s favourite searches for 2016.

Surprisingly, making pancakes and learning to draw were among Kiwis’ hot topics of 2016.

The list was released by google on Wednesday.

Making pancakes pipped everything else on the ‘how to’ list, with losing weight a lower priority at number 10.

Cooking quinoa, tying a tie and drawing a dog also made the list for the second year in a row.

How to (Most Searched)

How to make pancakes
How to tie a tie
How to draw
How to screenshot
How to play Pokemon Go
How to train your dragon
How to draw a dog
How to cook quinoa
How to get rid of pimples
How to lose weight

New Zealanders also turned to Google for medical advice, asking why their ears and nose were always blocked.

Google also included trending results showing searches that have grown in the past year following major world events.

Donald Trump and earthquakes dominated on multiple lists, with Kiwis visiting Geonet’s site “in droves”, says Google.

Other notable mentions this year were Pokemon Go and Harambe.

Overall Searches

US election
Euro 2016
Earthquake NZ
Pokemon Go
Donald Trump
David Bowie
Royal Road

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my favorite search is qwertyuip


So funny 😁