Giant earthworm found in UK

November 6, 2016
Giant earthworm found in UK

A giant earthworm named Dave has been found in the UK.

The worm measures a huge 40cm and goes into the record books as the largest ever found in the UK.

It was found in a vegetable plot in Widnes.

The worm was found by Paul Rees and given the name ‘Dave’ by his stepson George.

The worm weighed 26g which is about the same as a small chocolate bar.

Dave has been preserved forever at the local museum.

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To be honest its pretty disgusting and disturbing. But its amazing that the worm is 40 cm.


woah this is cool!


WOW that's a big earth worm. I don't like worms 🙁


I really don't think they should have killed it! Why didn't they just let it live in a small habitat at the museum or just put photos near some facts?


Hi Guys, this is such a gross article!!


I can't believe they killed Dave! RIP Dave


that is cool


eww that is disgusting


wow so real so amazing so so extreme wow this is the best news


wow it must have been long


They killed it and put it in a museum


That is amazing but gross at the same time