Ghost snake found in Madagascar

October 10, 2016

Deep in the jungle of Madagascar researchers have discovered the “ghost snake”, a pale grey snake with unusual markings that has never been seen before.

The US-Madagascar research team had set out on a discovery trip to look for new species. After hiking more than 12 kilometres they discovered the “ghost snake” on the limestone rocks at Ankarana Special Reserve.

Samples of the snake were taken to the US for genetic analysis, and it has been confirmed the snake is a new species – Madagascarophis lolo – but belongs to a group known as cat-eyed snakes.

Cat-eyed snakes are named for their vertical pupils, which is often found among snakes that are active in the evening or night.

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Cool I liked it were would you usually find a ghost snake?


Very interesting and amusing discovery of these new speices in madagascer


how can this be true

i really like it how though i dont get it


this is so cool 🙂


wow that is really weird


ooh that's awesome I wonder if it's venomous? It looks really cool exactly like an un-dead snake that's come back for revenge....Kiwi Kids please tell us if it's dangerous


It looks awesome!


Wow.That is so unbelievable!!


hey, i am really interested in this topic its really interesting to see and hear about i am really shocked thanks for putting this on.

kind regards


The snakes are so cute🐍🐍


Ive looked at lots of snakes ans their species and iv never seen a cat eyed snake on the internet


That is so cool!!! I wonder if it can bite?