Frog plague hits Bay of Plenty

February 18, 2018

A plague of frogs is terrorising the residents of Papamoa beach in the Bay of Plenty.

For the second year in a row, the tiny green and gold frogs have invaded Papamoa.

The frogs let off a high-pitched screech when disturbed and are even coming into houses at night.

The frogs are small enough to squeeze under doors, but when stretching out to jump were the size of a hand.

Green and golden bell frogs are an Australian species. The frogs loved hot, wet conditions, and would be breeding in pools and ponds around Papamoa.

One female frog could lay thousands of eggs, and once the tadpoles turn into frogs they had to get away from water to avoid being eaten by herons and other predators.

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who is the author


oh my gosh


I am so pleased to hear of this "plague" of frogs - we have so few frogs - hardly ever see them in our area & there were always frogs around when I was a kid - so this is good news.


Oh, dear. Wouldn't want that in my house.


The Frogs Have A Right


The frog apocalypses!


That`s crazy!