Football in the snow

April 5, 2017

Norwegian side Tromsdalen kicked off their league campaign in remarkable conditions on Sunday as they played a match encircled by a wall of snow.

Extreme snowfall in the build up to the game meant that the groundsman had to push the snow to the side of the pitch. At parts the wall was 6m high.

Despite the extreme weather the match went ahead at Tromsdalen Stadion, which normally can seat 3000 spectators. However, given the conditions there were understandably a lack of fans at the game.

The strange conditions played into the hosts hands as Tromsdalen won the match 2-0.

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that is weird


what would happen if the ball got lost in the snow?




snow yay i like snow do you like the person next to me like snow but do you like tell below show feeling to every one


thats weird!