Fishing quota may stay the same

August 12, 2013

Prime Minister has signalled the Government is unlikely to proceed with a proposal to cut the number of fish that New Zealanders are allowed to catch.

Currently kiwis are allowed to catch 9 snapper per person each day they go fishing. The Government had indicated that figure was going to drop to 3.

The smaller limit caused controversy among recreational fishers.

The issue is being dealt with by Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

A limit of fishes is put in place so that fish have a chance to reproduce. If people catch over their limit they can be fined or even charged by the police.

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I think that that is a good enough number

Daniel oconnell room 4 ashhurst

I reckon it should 6 per person because it will help the fish reproduce . 9 is too many.6 will feed a family.if you catch 9 it will not be good for the future.


Yay the fishes are going to be saved! Yippee!
Too bad fishermen!


I think that good