Fish fossil is a clue to fish with weird teeth

March 5, 2013

Scientists believe that have found the fossil of a strange fish with spiral shaped teeth.

The fish is called the Helicoprion and it lived 270 million years ago. The scientist used a small part of a fish fossil to predict what the ancient fish might look like.

Until now, scientists knew the fish had some sort of spiral-shaped teeth, but they weren’t sure how they worked.

Using special scanners and computer images, they think they have solved a mystery. Scientist have known that fish with spiral teeth have existed but were unsure what they would look like.

The scientists found that the spiral was connected to the fish’s lower jaw, in the back of the mouth. When the fish catches food it closes its mouth and the teeth spin backwards.

The computer work also predicted that the Helicoprion may have been bigger than the size of an average man – up to 7m long.

[youtube id=”WzZKyqQiu_g” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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