Fidel Castro – Why did they love him?

December 4, 2016

Fidel Castro passed away recently, at the age of 90. He was a Cuban dictator, who took a huge number of Political Prisoners, and who wished to bring communism to the world.

He was a bad man.

Fidel Castro was an, as already mentioned, a dictator. He was in control of Cuba, and him alone. No one opposed him, for fear of becoming a political prisoner. Those who did left the country before doing so.

One of Fidel Catsro’s goals in life was to introduce communism to Cuba, and the entire world.

Communism is a system where everyone is the same. Everyone wears the same clothes, has the same education, is at the same level. There is no ‘dumb”, because everyone knows the same things. But at the same time, there is no ‘smart’. No one excels at anything, because everyone is the same.

The world would essentially freeze. There would be no new, because no one would be ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’. No one would discover new things.

The world would stop learning.

Only a lunatic could want that.

Perhaps that same lunatic controlled Cuba for 50 years.

Kayla Prendergast and Charlotte Watson

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That is really not cool


wow. that would be terrible.


that is sad the he died


Wow! I would not want to be ruled by him but I guess it is sad he died