‘Fake News’ word of the year

November 8, 2017

Dictionary publisher Collins has named ‘fake news’ as 2017’s word of the year – it’s true.

Usage of the phrase, popularised by US President Donald Trump, has increased 365 percent since 2016.

According to the dictionary, fake news is “false – often sensational – information disseminated under the guise of news reporting”.

Mr Trump recently claimed to have invented the phrase ‘fake news’, but Collins says it first emerged in the early 2000s on current affairs comedy shows like The Daily Show.

‘Fake news’ beat out 4.5 billion other words in the Collins database, including runners-up ‘gig economy’, ‘echo chamber’, ‘cuffing season’ and perhaps most oddly, ‘unicorn’.

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Does he know "Fake news is TWO words not ONE word


I don’t like mr trump

J u J i J (original word was Jupiter

donald trump is mean and silly he should be fired




Haha that's funny


why is donald trump in this photo?


i new it


why is Donald trump in this photo