“Emoji Street” for Finnish town

November 29, 2016

A town in southern Finland is discussing whether to name two new roads “Emoji Street” and “Meme Street”.

The names – Emojikatu and Meemikatu in Finnish – have been proposed as part of plans for a new commercial zone in Lohja, just west of Helsinki.

The town planning committee has already approved the plans, and now it will go to the locals for thought.

Architect and town planner Juha Anttila says the committee wants to bring street names up-to-date so that future generations get a sense of 21st-Century life. “We wanted something that speaks to modern times. We have almost run out of plant, tree and bird names in our area.”

This isn’t the first time that Finnish officials have tapped into the popularity of smartphone culture. In 2015, the foreign ministry created a set of national emojis, two of which will soon be included in the Unicode Standard for all devices.

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Are the houses in emoji street have emoji s instead of numbers?


Oml, I would love to see a Meme Street.


emoji are MLG 😎


cool its like ted of ted


Awesome! πŸ˜€ Thats sooooooooooooo cool


I love emoji's so MUCH. They are so cool and nice. Thank you for making them up.


I want to live down that street emoji s rocks


hope it happens. . . if it dose i will get on that road and buy a house there


hehehe so many emojis hehehehe