Eminem sues the National Party

September 17, 2014

The latest political bombshell to make headlines this week is the announcement that the music publishers behind the US rapper Eminem will be pressing legal action against the National Party over a copyright infringement.

The music publishers accuse the party of using Eminem’s award winning rap song “Loose Yourself” within their recent campaign video advertisement.While the Detroit based publishers lodged their copyright proceedings in Wellington Court yesterday, the National Party strongly rejects the allegation.

Their deference is that the music for the campaign was brought from a recognised music supplier “Beatbox” and was identified as ‘library music’ rather than Eminem’s song.

While the National rowing-themed video campaign does not use the exact version of the song, there is definite comparisons as illustrated by the video below.

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I agree that the National Party should pay Eminem because that is the second time National has done something like that.
Not voting National in three years.


I don't think national should be charged they probably did not even know that it was eminems music.


Wow Eminem sueing the national party


I think national should pay Eminem because it is actually stealing and most of NZ would probably see the video and they took the song without Eminem's permission. If they don't get Eminem's permission then that is stealing.


I think its beat box's fault because they didn't think about the beat that they gave the National Party so I think that beat box should be sued because they are beat company so they should know that its Eminem's beat. 🙂


I think that bet box shoud have to pay m&m.


I agree with eminem publishers because the national should of asked to use the song. THE NATIONAL PARTY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.


I think national party is at fault because the national party should have known that something would happen if they took a song from eminem or they should have checked with beat box if it would get them in any trouble.


I reckon it's beat boxes fault because they should have asked eminem first before they gave national the song to use. I don't think National should be charged.