Election results in hung parliament

September 25, 2017

The New Zealand National Party has won Saturday’s parliamentary elections, however, they have fallen just short of being able to form a government.

With all the votes counted, Prime Minister Bill English’s party secured 58 seats in the 121-strong chamber.

The opposition Labour Party led by Jacinda Ardern took 45 seats.

With parliament hung, the two main political rivals will look to Winston Peters and the New Zealand First party (nine seats), which is now in a position to play kingmaker.

The centre-right prime minister made the first move, saying he would open talks with NZ First “in the next few days”.

Without NZ First, the National Party is unable to form a government as its only ally, ACT New Zealand, secured just one seat.

Ms Arden’s party can rely on backing from the Green Party (seven seats) – still not enough to govern in a coalition.

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i hope the national party party wins the voting


NZ first has a misleading name. The name makes it sound good but it is very racist.
Winston peters is a nasty man.


I think jacinda arden will win
she will start a new furture


go national!!!


i really want to see who wins for 2017


I really want to see who wins this time


Go Labour


Im hoping labour can win this time


I reckon that NZ first will form a coalition with National and ACT


Go NZ first he will change things for good


I think National will win because National is not going to use lots of money 💰 and Labours going to use lots of money 💰 😡


I think that Jacinda Arden Will win because I Think Jacinda is honest


Everyone knows that if they win student loans will be gone meaning that none of us can go to university and get good jobs unless our parents are rich


wow go national