Digital learning guiding Kiwis into the future

July 28, 2017

Being in government is about making forward-looking decisions that will prepare our country, and the next generation, for the 2020s, the 2030s and beyond.
The National-led Government has shown that we are always looking ahead – identifying where we can make changes now so we can all benefit down the track. We’re doing this in many ways.
One is by setting ambitious trade goals to grow our exports and see more of our products on shelves around the world. Another is by investing in huge infrastructure projects to prepare our transport corridors for the future. And recently, we announced the biggest change to the school curriculum in 10 years – a change that will help New Zealand’s young people build the skills they need to succeed in the 21st Century.
At the forefront of this change is the need for our children to be digitally fluent. When we talk about digital fluency, we don’t just mean being able to use technology effectively. Digital fluency is about having the skills and knowledge to become innovative creators of new digital technology. The new curriculum will see all young people from years one to 10 taking part in digital learning and new achievement standards developed for NCEA to help older students develop specialised skills already in high demand by employers.

To support the introduction of the curriculum changes, which are currently open for submission, the National-led Government will invest around $40 million over three years to help upskill our teachers, develop new digital learning resources, and extend online exam
trials. This will also fund other initiatives aimed at getting more young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, involved in digital innovation.We’re delivering the changes we need to future proof our education system and, in turn, the next generation of young Kiwis will be delivering more of the innovative thinking we’re world renowned for.

Success stories like Rocket Lab, Weta Workshop and, just recently, Team New Zealand, have shown we’ve got the creativity, the talent and the determination to not only keep up with the big players, but outperform them. The National-led Government is ambitious for the next generation and our digital learning approach is about continuing to support an innovative education system that fosters innovative minds.

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