That didn't go as planned…

October 24, 2014
A video on YouTube has been gaining a lot of attention online as it catches the moment an eager young man falls off a jetty during a news broadcast.
The young photographer can be seen in the background of the shot, setting up his smartphone to capture the news report. Distracted by his task, the young man wasn’t paying attention to where he was going which caused him to slip of the jetty into the water.The man then waved from the water to let those watching know that he was unhurt before swimming to the jetty.

The man being interviewed is completely unaware of the funny accident taking place behind him, but I’m sure it will manage to catch the eye of viewers!

Written by D Mulhern


[su_youtube url=”” height=”420″]



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well that's just great


Good thing he wasn't hurt.




I feel sorry for him 🙁 But I guess that's what happens when you look at screens for too long. :))




Dumbo! LOL


That is what happens if you look at your phone to much


That's so Funny.


stop spending to much time on your phone bro