Denmark gets first wolf pack in 200 years

May 19, 2017

Scientists in Denmark say that the country now has its first pack of wolves in more than 200 years.

Wolves hadn’t been seen in the country in two centuries until one was spotted in Jutland five years ago.

Now  there appears to be a pair of wolves moving together in the region.

Dr Peter Sunde of Aarhus University said it would only be a matter of time before they mate.

“We expect that they will have cubs this year or the next,” he said, pointing out that if it’s the former, she’s probably in a den tending to young, as wolves tend to breed in spring.

The fact that the pair have been spotted together probably shows that there aren’t any pups yet, as the male would instead be hunting on its own.


The emergence of wolves in Denmark has become a cause for concern for farmers and animal breeders.

In February, there were appeals for action after a string of attacks on sheep in west Jutland were blamed on the predators. Last month six deer were killed at a deer park near a government-approved “wolf zone”.

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That's so cool! I've always wanted to see a wolf - not at close quarters though! I hope that the Government leaves the wolves on their own.


wow that is so cool


Oh! That's so cool! Wolves are my favorite animal and I plan to get a tamed wolf one day. 🙂 ♡


Wow that's so so so coooooool and cute


That's so cool


good news


thats really great


good for the wolfs, bad for the livestock


wolves are so cut and smart


wolves are so cool right


Wolves, Amazing Creatures Aren't they


i hope we get wolfs at Auckland zoo


how can it be a pack when we can only see to wolves


Had there been lots of wolves already it's just their the first two to be spotted


those wolves are so cute, but they are causing death to animals and animal breeders


so cool the wolfs are so cute


Awesome they should bring some to NZ