Curry washing machine invented

March 15, 2017

A washing machine has been launched in Indian, with a special mode to tackle curry stains.

Panasonic said the introduction of a ‘curry’ button followed complaints from customers struggling to fully get the food off their clothes.

The development took two years, testing combinations of water temperature and water flow. They also analysed what went into a typical Indian household’s curry dish.

The machine has five other cycles aimed at the Indian consumer, including one to remove traces of hair oil.

Panasonic said it planned similar machines for other Asian markets, tackling stains specific to those countries, but would not elaborate.

Panasonic have said that around 5,000 of the machines had been sold so far.

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that is such a smart idea


*Sigh.* Humans are becoming sooooooooo lazy now!


That's so weird! 🙂


Ew that is disgusting who would want to do that


EWWWWWW that is so disgusting you might get sick...... just ew ew ew ew that is the grossest thing invented!


Wow! That could change lives forever!


I think this is a great I idea I would loveee one myself


Wow finally we can get curry of are clothes if we ate in a Indian cuisine and we accidentally spilled curry it would take a long time to take it off.