Cricket introduces ‘red card’

March 9, 2017

Cricket has announced that it will introduce red cards for bad behaviour.

From October, umpires will be able to send players off for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

The Marylebone Cricket Club, which governs the laws of cricket, has also announced the size of a bat will be reduced.

The new maximum permitted dimensions of a cricket bat will be 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.

A bat gauge will be used to ensure the new limits are enforced in professional matches.

Umpires will also have the ability to award penalty runs to a team if the opposing side is deemed to have had bad behaviour through acts of violence or disagreeing to an umpire’s decision.

The new rules will come into effect on October 1st this year.

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wow that's interesting didin't expect that.


I think this is very bad for Chris Gale.


WOW i wasn't expecting that to happen.


WOW i was not expecting that




Well atleast they won't cheat and call people names and kill them on purpose


No way This will be a good thing for sledging!!
Watch out Aussies


It won't be cricket! I can't believe that they're actually doing that. Red cards are for rugby and soccer. What happened to the world of cricket?!


this is bad


Weird i thought they only had red cards in the USA


That's bad. I mean I like cricket but yeah.


how bout steve smith and David warner


thats cool