Christchurch cathedral to be saved

September 10, 2017

The Christchurch cathedral is going to be saved, with the Anglican Church voting to reinstate the building.

The cathedral’s fate has been up in the air for nearly seven years.

It was devastated by the Christchurch earthquakes almost seven years ago. Since then it has been fenced off, propped up by metal supports, in the city’s centre.

The Anglican Church had been debating the future of the city’s cathedral over the last two days, with strong support behind each of the options on the table.

Those options were: reinstate, demolish and build something new, or gift the building to the government.

Reinstatement came with a $25 million funding pledge from the government, as well as $10m million from the Christchurch City Council (subject to public consultation).

The cost of a full rebuild is expected to be about $108 million.

Christchurch Bishop Victoria Matthews said she was delighted a decision had been made.

She said she hoped a rebuild could be completed within ten years.

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I am not christian but I am glad they made that decision 🙂 As long as the people are happy 😀