China pays people to visit elderly

December 7, 2016

A nursing home in eastern China is giving vouchers to people who visit their elderly parents.

The home is located in the city of Suzhou and the nurses there says consistent family visits will improve residents’ quality of life.

The biggest reward is worth 200 yuan ($5NZD) and is for those who show up 30 times over the course of two months. Lesser amounts are on offer for 10 or 20 visits during the same period.

The care home says the number of people visiting regularly has soared since it introduced the initiative. It might end up as rather a costly endeavour, though – the first set of “filial piety awards” saw vouchers worth more than 30,000 yuan ($8000 NZD) handed out.

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Oww... thats so sad!! Just on Monday I went to a rest home to sing and they really loved it!! They went to sing again today at a different rest home.


200 yuan does not equal $5, it equals $40!