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November 4, 2016

Life is about to get a bit easier for the students who have what might be the world’s most terrifying walk to school.

Children that live in the mountains of China’s Sichuan province face an 800m cliff climb to get to school each day. Until recently they have had to use vines to pull themselves up the cliff.

Students as young as six need to use this track to get to the only school in the region.

Thankfully for the children life’s about to get a bit easier. A new steel ladder has been built which will replace the vines.

The village of Atule’er has built the ladder, which consists of 1500 steel pipes.

Local authorities paid 1 million yuan (NZ$207,000) for the new ladder’s construction.

It will have handrails and a more stable structure.


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I'm glad every kid is safe now, I can't even begin to imagine climbing that high with vines :O


sad that they do such difficult and dangerous things


Wow, that is scary! How could they even have climbed it without the ladder?


lucky that is not me


Pretty scar and it would take along time to get to school


I am glad will get to school safer. also that would be hard for little kids that go to school.
And another also i could not climb those vines, they must be strong


this amazing news i am glad they are safe now and kiwi kids news is awesome