Carrot prices hit all time high

March 14, 2017

The price of New Zealand carrots has hit a record high.

The price of the common vegetable has increased 51 per cent in the last year.

One kilo of carrots cost $3.53 in February 2017, compared with $2.34 a year ago.

Prices for fruit and vegetables, and dairy products have soared in the past year with vegetables up 12 per cent.

Poor growing conditions in the North Island last year had resulted in a shortage just before Christmas.

Prices for dairy products also increased. Butter prices were up 33 per cent compared with February 2016, and 13 per cent from January 2017.

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what this is strange it is true though because I shop with my mum and dad all the time and my mum complains that carrots are getting expensive


Why carrots?!😩


That's crazy 👎👎👎


This story is and was amazing


odd that is so high