Boa Constrictor rescued from gas heater

July 7, 2016

A fire crew in Lincolnshire have had to rescued a 2.5metre-long boa constrictor which slithered into a gas heater and refused to come out.

Billy the Boa coiled itself so tightly inside the heater that a crew had to dismantle the machine to retrieve the snake.

Crew manager Dave Brierley said his colleagues joked that it would “go down in hiss-tory” as the brigade’s most unusual animal rescue.

The snake was a pet, and the owner had let it out of its cage. It usually coils up around a footstool, but this time it didn’t want to go back into its cage. So it went into the fire and wouldn’t come out.

It took the five-person crew about an hour to free the snake.

The procedure involved disconnecting the gas supply from the appliance, then dismantling it.

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Haha wow that's quite big


I would be so scared, and creeped out if I found a 2.5 snake in my house! I would litterally scream!


That would be scary cool article