Best soccer goal ever – for the opposition

November 22, 2017

Vitesse defender Fankaty Dabo scored a 32 metre own goal as his side suffered defeat to Groningen in the Dutch Eredivisie on Sunday.

Receiving the ball out on the right flank, Dabo found himself under pressure, but he made a mess of playing it back to his goalkeeper, Jeroen Houwen.

The 22-year-old struck the ball from distance clear over the head of his stranded goalkeeper, which made the score 1-1.

Groningen went on to win the game 4-2 to help steer them clear of the bottom three.

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im an athlete so i know how hard that is like i play alot of sport and i know karate and stuff like im a super dooper athlete so i know how hard it is and it is really cool


haha i feel bad for the keper


I am not a fan of soccer.
But that would be hard to get that.


that wasnt funny all you 248 people


That was epic


how can that be a goalkeeper did not try


that is the most amazing soccer goal EVER!!!


Wow , Thats so fluke. I'm a kinda sporty guy and i know how hard that really is to make a perfect shot like that. And I bet you that guy payed the goal keeper haha , nah just joking


Wow thats awesome I wonder who they were vsing


Unlucky you 😉


i feel bad for him