Australia’s jellyfish beach

February 9, 2017

Thousands of jellyfish have washed up on a beach in Queensland in Australia.

The blue blubber jellyfish have completely covered the sand.

They have been described looking  like bubble wrap across the beach.

The blue blubber jellyfish is a common sight on the Australian east coast but is not normally seen in such big numbers.

Marine biologist, Dr Lisa-Ann Gershwin, said the unusual sight was probably caused by warmer water and an absence of predators. Wind and tide conditions may have also been factors.

According to locals the jellyfish had started to smell “pretty rank”.

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I think it would look quite cool but scary and it would be annoying and you probably wouldn't be able to go on the beach.


ill be scared if that i saw that and why do they get washed up and who found the jelly fish i really want to know that C:


That is cool but creepy 😮


It looks like bubble wrap


the jellyfish look like loads of blue round jelly on the sand.


that would be cool seeing a jellyfish. But it would be scary to touch one it would probably sting you.


What if you stepped on them? would it sound like when you step on bubble wrap?
I think it would.


Can't believe I'm seeing this in Australia.😩😩


It must have been frustrating for the people who wanted to use the beach on a hot day.


wow, I am going to queensland next holiday lets hope they have gone before I get there


I am also not so sure about the smell they mention...


There is no way anyone could persuade me to go on that beach. But it would look pretty amazing!