Australian survives six days in outback

February 14, 2019

An Australian mum has survived almost a week lost in the outback, surviving by drinking pasta sauce and wiper fluid.

Brooke Phillips became lost and her car got bogged down in sand while out on a trip with her cat and dog near the border of Western Australia.

She drank the last of her water on the first day, underestimating how long she would be lost for. Once the water was gone Ms Phillips drank pasta sauce and condensed milk and ate Cruskits, but those all ran out eventually.

Ms Phillips then drained the wiper fluid from her car and drank that. “I’ll do anything to keep going another couple of days.” Ms Phillips said.

By that point the search for Ms Phillips had begun and she was discovered soon after by her daughter Imogen.

Ms Phillips only required a check-up from her doctor, but was okay after the ordeal. Her cat and dog survived too.

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