Australian school bans handclapping?

August 4, 2016

A school in Sydney, Australia has banned clapping in assemblies and in class.

However, the school said it’s not a total ban. Elanora Heights Public School has released statement saying it only asked students to refrain from clapping and cheering at assemblies. This was apparently done “to minimise discomfort to a teacher with a hearing disability that causes acute sensitivity to loud noise”.

A newsletter sent to the school community on July 18 outlined the “silent cheers” which had been instituted in assemblies.
“The students are free to punch the air, pull excited faces and wriggle about on the spot,” it said.

According to the schools website students are allowed to clap at sporting events, artistic performances and smaller gatherings of students and staff.

It’s not the first restriction an Australian school has put on behaviours many would deem to be an ordinary part of life.

Hugging was banned at a primary school in Victoria in 2012 and other primary schools have also cracked down on handstands, cartwheels and leather sports balls.

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Hmmm.... Why should Australian schools ban hand clapping??? Bad idea. Bad idea. Bad idea!

links here need to be fixed

thats outrageous! hand clapping is awesome! why would they do that! also dear kiwikidsnews could you please fix the links guys it always zooms to ZOO KILLS ANIMALS or ERROR 401




What? That's pretty weird... :\


I was born in Aussie and I grew up there but I have never heard anything like that before

kittens are adourable





Awww! I love clapping and I hope my school doesn't ban clapping too!


Why would you ban hand clapping? Well, i suppose they have a good enough reason about hearing, because it could damage someones hearing.


At nz thay dont do that


This is just weird...