Australian man gets lost in own backyard

March 19, 2014

An man in Australia had to be rescued by police after getting lost in his own backyard!

The man, named Jason, was watching tv when his dog, Mumbles, alerted him to a dingo (a wild dog native to Australia) in the garden.

Jason was worried about Mumbles’ safety so went out to look for the dingo on his 20-acre property.

Whilst talking to his girlfriend on facebook on his phone, Jason became lost in the tall bushes and told his girlfriend that he needed to call for help.

By this time, Jason’s phone battery was running low. He called the police but the operator hung up on him because it was not an emergency. When he called back, Jason was redirected to a dispatcher.

Remembering that it was safest to stay where you are when lost, Jason lay down and fell asleep.

Voices of the police searching for Jason woke him and he was found 300 metres (980 feet) from his house and returned home safely with Mumbles.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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I hope you are ok dont go there any more.


Ummmmmm.. That is Impossible how could he get stuck in his own backyard!


Wow that looks scary

Room 8 Cheviot Area School

This article is very random! 300 meters is not that far?? We can see the local cafe from our school and thats 300 meters! It would have been scary though! We dont have dingos in New Zealand!


that must have been scary good thing they found him


That must of been a big backyard also dingos are scary 🙁 🙂


How could a man get lost in his own backyard and try to hunt for a dingo , what would he have done if he found the dingo.


its just becuase some people prank call the cops so they thought it was a prank call


wow he must of been scared of the dingo


operrators! when somebody says they need help,help! dont hang up on them for goddness sake! my brother would say "Meanies......"


That would have been really scary and also easy to get lost in a 20acre yard. If he didn't have any battery on his phone then he would have had to live out there until he could find something to signal for help


Ok a Dingo Really thats just odd i think??!!


Wired how could that happpen


omg they just hung up


funny but creepy I cant believe that there would be a dingo in your garden


that would be fun living in a big forest like that




dumb fella


Oh My Gosh
That would've been scary


wow hows
that possible like who has a back yard that bib


We'll I blame mumbels


Lucky someone cares for others


Man those operators are sad man what happen if it was there family.


Omg!!! Man those operators are sad meany far what happens if it was there own family. Just leaving him in the bushes alone.but thanks to the polices that found him


XD a man getting lost in his on garden ! Lol.XD funny but creepy . (I Mean a dingo in your garden. Really ???)