Australia heading north

August 17, 2016

Australia is moving north at around 7cm per year.

It’s not relocating for better weather. But it’s because the Earth’s crust is made up of layers that are moving, which in turn are causing the country to move ever so slightly.

Earthquakes are caused by a build up of tension between tectonic plates. This tension release can change the structure of landmasses and can shift continents in moments.

The bad news is that maps, and the navigation systems which rely on them, are based on Australia’s position in 1994. That means they are 154cm out!

New calculations will be released in 2017 and will plot Australia’s position down to the millimeter.

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Australias Moving? It moves so much


its moving north not south moving further towards indonesia and those countries

a questioned reader

so really new zealand won't need to change their flag because in a few hundred years they would be right on each others doorstep literally!


bye bye austraia ):


I was shocked and amazed at this news!!!


I can't believe this is happening hopefully Australia won't drift too far away.


wow wait what is it going to crash into another contrey


Yay New Zealand and Australia will be reunited with each other I'm now happy my life is complete now!!! New Australia


so if Australia is moving at 7cm per year does that mean NZ would be moving aswell because if NZ was moving slowly it would probably be getting closer to Australia because our country doesn't weigh as much so it would be moving quicker.


WOW... I guess wont be going to Australia in 30 years


That's creepy so basically the country is moving further away from us is NZ going to be alone again?


Odd stuff!