Aucklanders told to reduce water use

March 13, 2017

People in Auckland are being asked to reduce their water usage over the next three weeks after floods affected water treatment capacity at the city’s largest water treatment plant.

Around half of Auckland’s water comes from four water storage dams in the Hunua Ranges – where flash flooding took place after heavy rain late last week and over the weekend.

Aucklanders are being asked to reduce their water consumption by 20 litres per day over the coming weeks until the silt in the dams settle.

Because of the flash flooding, the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant was treating about 50 per cent less water than usual.

That was because much of the water now contained a lot of silt from slips – giving the water a muddy hue and therefore making it more difficult to treat.


• Cut your shower time by two minutes.

• Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

• Use half-flush when flushing toilet.

• Only run your dishwasher when full

• Only run washing machine when full

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We have had to reduce water to


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