Apple announce ‘tears of joy’ as favourite emoji

November 13, 2017

Apple has announced that the ‘tears of joy’ emoji is the world most popular.

The red heart and “loudly crying face” rounded out the top three.

This is not the first time that the Face With Tears of Joy emoji has been recognised as being widely popular. Data from another study showed that the particular emoji comprised of 20 percent of all emoji use in the UK and 17 percent of all emoji use in the US.

In 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary picked it as the word of the year.

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This emoji is usually used when you think something is very funny.


TBH i understand Why this is the worlds most used emoji. I mean when we don't understand Something someone has sent us we just reply with the tears of joy .
-The Truth Teller


wow wow wow wow wow wow
it is crazy
an ........


my favorite is the heart eye


That is cool!


My favourite Emoji is smile Emoji.




It's quite a nice emoji I love it


Love this emoji


Thats funny, although I could have guessed that just from looking at my friends chats, [tears of joy-emoji]