Algeria turns off internet

June 25, 2018

Algeria has turned off its internet for the whole country to try to stop cheating in school exams.

The blackout will be in place for the whole of the exam season – from 20 – 25 June.

Nobody will be able to get online – via their mobile phone, tablet or computer for an hour after the start of each high school diploma exams.

The reason for the drastic measure is that in 2016 students used social media to leak questions. Lots of people were found to have used those questions to cheat.

Last year, the authorities tried to stop it by shutting down social media access – but that was not thought to be tough enough.

Nouria Benghabrit is the Education Minister. She says Facebook will also be banned every day, all day between 20-25 June.

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Ha ha no games for dem


!!What if New Zealand did that😲

Great Idea (Not Sarcastic)

Great Idea


This would be said i would cry myself to sleep with no games


Wo! That is just 😝 crazy! What if their test was on the internet!?
Couldn’t you just take all devices away!!?? Oh my word this is just crazy


That's illegal. Internet use is included in the Human Rights Act.


imagine if it had happened in an exam




that is madness who would do that


If this keeps going I’ll move to Iraq.