93 year old man meets son for the first time

February 25, 2014

A 93 year old South Korean man has just met his 64 year old son for the very first time.

During the Korean War, the man was separated from his pregnant wife and was never able to meet his son, until now, 64 years later.

The Korean War divided many families and recently around 80 elderly South Koreans met their North Korean relatives whom they hadn’t seen in over 60 years.

The reunion was held at a mountain resort in North Korea after intense negotiations between North and South in the hope to restore inter-Korean co-operation.

Many families just hugged and sobbed while others could only stare in disbelief that their loved ones were really before them.

The reunion saw many families reunited and others introduced to relatives they never knew even existed.

Article written by  D Mulhern

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I feel so happy for them


I feel sorry for that man when he was seperated with hes prengated wife and

he couldnt see his son until 60 years


That's sad


How sad it would be to never see your son until 64 years after his birth... But how exciting to be finally united with them!


That's so sad I feel like I'm going to cry:(


Soo sad but also lovely.


awww thats sad...


sad as but in the good way......


OMG i am so sad id rather see my son or daughter everytime when i grow up


Love and so sad for u


So sorry and sad


That is so sad but luck he did before he passed away.


that is just sad


I think this article is good.


That strage


Sad I would have wanted to see my son when was born