60 year old washing machine for sale

December 6, 2017

An elderly couple from Exeter, UK, are selling their tumble dryer, boiler, cooker and washing machine which date back to 1956 and have been working faithfully ever since.

Sydney and Rachel Saunders, 83 and 81, believe that ‘things were made better’ in those days.

Rachel wants the collection to go to a museum to inspire the next generation.

All of the items are in full working order, although the washing machine does have the slightest of leaks. The Servis washing machine was bought by the couple for just £60 in 1956 when they were first married, and Sydney readily admits: ‘That was a lot of money in those days’.

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Cool! they look like the sort of thing you would get for a movie set!


Old machine


Nice! This reminds me of those old movies that you get on CDs!


no-one's going to buy that👋


60$ in 1956 was probably equivalent to over 1000 in 2017 and 2000 in 2050 and 1mil in 99999


Very old