5kg of coins removed from turtle

March 8, 2017

Thai vets have found 5kg of coins inside a turtle.

The green sea turtle had been living at a conservation centre in Sriracha, Chonburi, east of the Thai capital of Bangkok.

The turtle had eaten the 900 coins after they were thrown into her enclosure for good luck.

The coins and other objects were removed from the turtle named Omsin, which means piggy bank in Thai.

The coins weighed 5kg with the turtle itself weighing 59kg.

The vets said they believed the seven-hour-long operation was the world’s first such surgery.

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That's so sad its going to make me cry!


I heard about it on the news last night so sad and why are people throwing away money into the sea!?!


That is not good luck!


i wonder who got all the money????


what happend to this cute turtle


thats sad how did it happen?




how did this happen


That is really sad that it had eaten 5kg of coins


I don't believe in throwing coins in the water is good luck. What does a coin have to do with luck. When you throw real coins it doesn't seem anymore real.


It's sad that what we call "valuable" is killing what's really precious in life.


they call THAT good luck?!


Ppl should think of the creatures living in their before their "good luck".
I would rather not have "good luck" then make a turtle eat coins and have really bad luck


wow the owners should gave food XD


guys it not in a the sea in a really tiny water area you guys a just sad to Asian culture how would you guys feel when people say that to you culture


People should stop throwing coins because the sea animals are going to sick,they are going to suck the coins and get sick and die:(, the simmers that go down in sea the animal they see are sick they are going to call the vet and that sea animal is going lucky.(They might of done that.)P.S I feel so sad for that sea turtle I am crying. ::::(


people throw away money because they think its lucky but its just a waste and it kills sea animals:(


This is sick, in the bad way