5000 sq km iceberg about to be created

June 6, 2017

A massive section of floating ice in Antarctica is about to break away, creating one of the largest known icebergs.

A photo taken on November 10, 2016 shows a giant crack across Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf which is 200km long.

Scientists monitoring a large crack say it has grown by 16km in the past week.

Dr Sue Cook from the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre in Hobart said, when it sheared off, it would create an iceberg 5000 square kilometres in size.

“We’re actually incredibly close to it breaking away now. The crack has grown . It’s now only 13km away from creating an iceberg.”

Dr Cook said, once it broke off, the ice shelf would lose 10 percent of its area, threatening the stability of the rest of the shelf.

In recent decades, a dozen major ice shelves have disintegrated, significantly retreated or lost large chunks.


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this is just sad. its breaking and loads of other things are being melted because of global warming. help the animals, help the plants, and help humanity.


This is just like unbelievable I hope it grows faster.


i really hope it forms really quickly


why has this hapenned




this is amazing


This is unbelievable.


this is so bad is something going to happen


this is bad news it is bad for animals it is bad for life it is bad for ice and it is bad for my head


this is bad news it is bad for animals and bad for the ice and bad for my head