$20million car crashes near Queenstown

December 4, 2016

A McLaren F1 car – reported to be worth $20 million – has crashed near Queenstown.

The car is part of a tour which is travelling the country.

All up there are around 30 supercars, with a total value of about $45 million.

Drivers from around the world are taking part in the trip organised by the British-based McLaren company.

Police were called to an incident just after midday today on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road in Closeburn, about 10 minutes drive from Queenstown.

A police spokesperson said one person was injured.

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Come on a McLaren F1 that is a very very expensive Hypercar and a extremely rare one to because only 106 were ever made.


why was it $20million dollars why can't it be the price of a normle price of a car


Sad just SAD


Crazzzzzzzyyyy I feel bad for the owners 😢


That's crazy


oh no that car cost lots of money


He can afford a $20,000,000 car and I cant even afford a frozen coke.


oh no that's not good:[


That was an expensive mistake


I saw this car drive down my road followed by 15 others