2017 cheese rolling champs completed in UK

August 9, 2017

Thousands of spectators lined up around the hill in Brockworth, UK, to watch the 2017 Cheese Rolling Championships.

Competitors risked injury and ridicule as they flung themselves down a steep incline after a nine-pound wheel of cheese in the English county of Gloucestershire.

The race/challenge, which dates back to 1826, sees chasers slip and slide down the muddy 180-metre track in pursuit of a large wheel of double Gloucester cheese. The cheese can get up to speeds of 100km per hour.

Local soldier Chris Anderson, 29, won the men’s race and 18-year-old Keavy Morgan took the women’s title. Both took home the large cheeses as trophies.

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I love cheese


I like rolling down hills and eating cheese at the same time


I like cheese


i like rolling down hills


That's weird